T-Shirt Memory #9 – Blame it on Body Glove

T-shirt: Cocoa Beach, Florida.  
Design: Tank top with rainbow triangle and wave design front and back. 
Acquired: 1991
T-shirt Age: 24 damn years
T-shirt Recipient: Diane Carlisle Fluty

To be honest, I don’t remember that heading to the beaches of Florida (or Texas) for Spring Break partying was a ritual for most CMU students – we were just eggheads who wanted to relax for a few days without the nightmare of assignments, problem sets and exams. So we would normally go home to the Midwest or Northeast and recharge our brain cells before the academic meat-grinder on Forbes Ave. started up again 10 days later.


Yes, kids, people used to design t-shirts without a computer!

But my senior year was a little different. I had a girlfriend, a car, and a sister who lived in Florida. Even if I wasn’t headed to the infamous Daytona Beach to share a cheap hotel room with 12 people and funnel beers all day, I could still experience some sand and sun – and have an affordable place to stay. And the best thing of all: I was finally 21 and could drink legally.

I think the pure nostalgia of being 21, in Cocoa Beach, on Spring Break my senior year was probably enough to spare this rather unimpressive shirt from getting thrown out all these years. But, not unlike the shirt’s faded logo, a few colorful memories have survived for more than two decades.

My sister was a great host – within limits. I invited friends along, and she planned out a very careful “sleeping plan” that failed to account for a few of my most important concerns. Like…I was on Spring Break, I was 21, and I just brought my girlfriend 1000 miles to the beach. Diane had insisted that Kelly (said girlfriend) would sleep by herself in a bedroom upstairs  and I (said boyfriend) would be on the sofa bed downstairs.

I mean… I was already guilty of “bringing sand to the beach”, and then I was being told by the self-appointed Spring Break hormone police (herself only 24!) that I had to stay off the sand. Needless to say, there was some space consolidation that took place in defiance of the house rules. I will forever blame it on Kelly’s Body Glove bikini.

Neoprene in neon yellow was soooo 1991.


Diane recently read my blog and said she wanted to read more. The irony is that she’s unknowingly been the intended recipient of T-shirt Memory #9 for such a long time, and I just never got around to building the post. Maybe her prompt was what I needed. We’re off to USPS with a package bound for Florida…..wear it in good health and don’t forget your sunscreen – this old shirt won’t protect you for shit!

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2 Responses to T-Shirt Memory #9 – Blame it on Body Glove

  1. Diane says:

    I am glad John has the memory of this trip, because I for one, do not remember him ever visiting while in school. 21 or 24 the age does not matter..if I wasn’t getting any, no one was getting any 🙂 My only real memory of him visiting me in Florida was when he and David got out of Ranger School and came to stay with me for a couple days as they put back on a few pounds eating everything in sight.

  2. jcarlislexxx says:

    Everything in sight was right! I remember going out to a restaurant for dinner, killing a few appetizers, eating a meal, finishing my dessert and finishing other people’s desserts, stopping at Taco Bell (ON THE WAY HOME!) and then killing a whole pint of Ben and Jerry’s as soon as we reached your apartment. You said “You’re making me SICK just watching you eat!”

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